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Action Cam untargets large enemies, even when looking at them

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The short version:
When using Action Cam, you have to aim directly at the "red crosshair" target on certain large enemies. This sucks and requires you to put your camera in uncomfortable positions.


The long version:
Action Cam intentionally ignores your target if your camera isn't aiming at it; even if you have a target, if you look away, you'll use skills as if you have no target. However, on enemies with a target point displaced from their model, this can cause targeting to fail even when you're directly looking at the enemy's model. This is mainly a problem versus enemies that use the "red crosshair" target points, like large world bosses.

Against a Jade Cannon in Lake Doric, this camera position does NOT target correctly, and will cause Willbender F1 to ram me directly into it, knocking me down: https://i.imgur.com/iuC5na4.jpg

Against the same Jade Cannon, if I move my camera slightly up, the notches on the crosshair change from an X to a +, indicating that I'm aiming close enough for my target to be considered. When I F1 from this camera position, my movement will stop before I ram the turret. https://i.imgur.com/jqi8xbs.jpg

This makes Action Cam frustrating against certain enemies; even though you've targeted an enemy, you have to keep your camera in an awkward upward position, or the game will treat your skills as free-aimed. This gets worse the further the crosshair is from the ground (Shadow Behemoth), but can also rarely effect normal enemies that are very close to you while your camera is zoomed out (gapclosers running directly through a targeted enemy).


Potential solutions (from an idiot who probably only understands a small percentage of the problem):

1: Make Action Camera more vertically lenient. When you have a target with Action Cam, ignore the vertical position of your crosshair. This would allow players to intuitively target enemies they're facing, even if those enemies are much taller or have a very high target point.
2: Change Action Camera to be more consistent with in-game settings. When the "Autotargeting" setting is disabled, disable the "aim at your target" requirement, and always use skills on your current tab-target. I think this makes some sense; disabling Autotargeting is used to tell the game "don't try to help me, I know what I'm targeting", and players who play without this setting are probably used to hitting Esc to freely use movement abilities etc.
3: Both! I think both these changes are sensible, but I'm sure many people are used to the way Action Camera operates now and would like it to change as little as possible—please chime in below if you dislike this or think there's a more elegant solution.

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I have problem with targeting while using action camera as well. I may have to untoggle it and click with my mouse to target a world boss, for example (especially shadow behemoth, which was mentioned, and the wurm in caledon forest).

Other times the target gets locked on some mob out of range and fails to target any of the 5 mobs that are actually attacking me, even though I continue to press tab to select the next enemy, or try to set the crosshairs at an enemy I want to target (even though, as was mentioned, this is often very inconvenient and awkward--I may have to move my camera angle with right click in order to do this, for example).

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Did a little poking around today, and it seems like using Autotargeting masks this issue—Action Cam will ignore your selected target, but then Autotarget targets the target you were trying to target anyway.

I think that behavior is fine, but the behavior with Autotarget off is still pretty bad—and switching Autotarget on isn't ideal, since it needs the extra drop/disable/toggle keybinds for free-aiming movement skills.

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