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[EU PvE] [TCC] a PvE guild restructuring!


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Hello all!
Our guild has been quite inactive in the past couple of months as we took a direction that didn’t really suit the nature of a video game. So we decided to restructure and focus it more on PvE content!
We hope to include anything from open world events to raids. A mixture of more casual and end game content is the goal.
Of course we are just a handful of people organising some events at the moment so we are looking for people who are willing to offer and lead some events and for people who would love to join and participate! We welcome every player who would like to join a cozy community and just have fun while we goof around Tyria. No matter if you are young, or old with cracking bones, a new player or a veteran player. We have a spot for everyone and offer a welcoming and helpful atmosphere. Not only in the game but also in our discord!

If you are interested you can send either of us a message (or a whisper!) in the game and then we can welcome you to [TCC] - Tyria’s Cozy Corner! 


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