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Shiverpeak Pass Challenge Mode- Icebrood Construct


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It could be done very easily:

-.x2 frequency of attack for the Icebrood Construct.

- The Icebrood Construct finds and target the players group in half the current time.

- The ice floor AoE does damage as the one done by the Claw of Jormag (or 70-80%).

- Increment the respective rewards: to 3-6 blue prophet shards, 1 gold, 200 volatile magic, 2k karma.

This will make the encounter a little better in term of difficulty and will help to introduce people to challenge modes.

Also since I'm on it Broken Claw weapons could have recipes to be crafted using corrupted ice, needing the corresponding illuminated boreal weapons. This will give more value to IBS strikes.

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