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Mesmer gliding and mount-jumping from Citadel to enemy Garrison and porting people in - legit or an exploit?


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  • 2 weeks later...

If you are getting into objectives without a wall or gate being down first, it is an exploit, you are exploiting.

I don't care how creative you are getting in with jumps, dash, ports, hacks, line of sight, it is not intended gameplay behavior for wvw, do that in pve where it's celebrated, you are exploiting.

If you are getting in with mount jumps or dismounting hop, it is not intended, there is a reason why wvw dismount hop was lowered than the pve version, you are exploiting.

If you are getting in with gliders, it is not intended, there's a reason why they created territories, to block enemies from flying into objectives, you are exploiting.

Wvw was not created with mounts or gliders in mind in the first place, you can bet that wall at garrison would be one smooth wall if gliders were on their minds back when they designed those areas. There's no reason for ledges up there other than artistic reasons.

Just because the developer abandoned the mode and barely does fixes, doesn't mean exploits are now ok, you are exploiting.

Break a wall or break a gate are the only two legit reasons why you should get inside of an objective in the "first place".

Stop being a weak minded, cheap, useless, pitiful, garbage player that needs to exploit to bring meaning and usefulness to your gaming existence, to get into areas of the game that doesn't even take much effort to do in the first place.

Stop trying to ruin the game mode that thousands of players enjoy everyday playing it the legit way, just because you know anet will do nothing.

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