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1 hour ago, Luranni.9470 said:

I wonder how much difference having a proper global cooldown would make to the poopshow faceroll spam that is wvw.... *ponder*

Something to be said about that. But of course all those jump-dodging macro'd peeps falling out jumping puzzles on a day that change was made alone might be a thing to see.

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On 10/14/2023 at 5:00 PM, Bern.9613 said:

So where do I get macros so that I too can blast people with 4 skills in less then a second?

It's pretty easy to script them yourself. On the other hand I think the experience of playing Fresh Air Ele or Power Mesmer and their respective elites ain't worth the risk of getting caught lmao

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7 hours ago, Ovalkvadratcylinder.9365 said:

what benefit could you possibly get from macroing in this game? you can already press multiple buttons at once

Not sure I agree here. There are classes and builds with rotations that are optimal to trigger in sequence to provide the best DPS rotation. In those cases a player could avoid a mis-key and remove mishaps by macroing them. I wouldn't discount this concept personally. A number of builds are created thinking in line of I do 1-3-6-7-8-9 and they are down. We have seen the same overtime and they have also been mis-labelled at times as 1 shot builds but that is also different as 1 shot builds only required a skill versus a rotation. 

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