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How do you block all guild Invs

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As 500 a day sounds far too high, are you really declining them in the guild menu, because that's the only way to really decline, if you only do it via the pop up, it will appear again after every loading screen (as far as i remember).

As soon as you represent at least one guild, normally you will get no invites or they will at least be very rare, to fully block invites you will need 5 guilds (can be personal ones too).

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20 minutes ago, Beowulf.5739 said:

A) I question your counting.

B) Anet does prohibit countless requests as they consider consecutive requests/messages spam.

C) Just ignore, shouldn't be that difficult.

Or they can add a block button! Then problem would be fixed! 

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1 minute ago, Linken.6345 said:

Dont see the point when you can fix it urself for a measly 1g cost.


I absolutely see OP's point and I don't see the reasoning behind sending random invites to everyone you see not repping a guild. I mean don't ppl care who joins their guild? However, until said button exists, just creating a guild to rep for 1g is the best solution.

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I agree with the people saying to create a guild for yourself. You don't need to invite anyone else and can forget about it once it's done, but having a tag beside your name will stop people inviting you. You can do it through the guild menu, it costs 1g and all you need to do is come up with a name that isn't already taken.

Also make sure you've rejected invites in the guild menu. Random unsolicited invites aren't unheard of but it's unusual to get multiple invites per day (and yes I know 500 is absurd hyperbole, but I mean even 2-3 per day would be surprising) so it sounds like you might just be closing the pop-up and then you'll keep getting reminders as long as the invite is sitting in your guild list.

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