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To be like Gordon Ramsey


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Cooking! How do you even... how do you owen?

With Other crafting there is set of basic modules, metal + padding and you craft insprition, and you can buy more inspirtions in nearby vendor, overall easy.

With cooking it looks blind, there are same basic ingredients, but should i just mix them and see what happens? I bought some recipies, but they are level 400.

I can probably do permutacions, or use wiki as civilization person, could also buy 1 product from tp and dismantle it, but maybe there are easier way to learn recipes?


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Yes you can just combine stuff to see what you get. That can actually be quite fun if the process entertains you.

Otherwise you can pick up all sorts of recipes from various vendors all across Tyria. Many Renown Heart vendors have recipes. You can also find them on the trading post, or in some areas just as drops from mobs or events.

Most food you can make isn't particularly useful though, only a few specific level 400+ recipes are widely used. At the very top end getting to level 500 and making the platters of ascended food is really the end game, but they are very expensive to make.

If you just want to max it there are guides available that show you the most efficient ways to get there, otherwise the wiki is your friend if you just want to see what can be made with a given ingredient.

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If you want to level it quickly and cost-effectively there are guides you can follow.

Otherwise yeah, just experiment. Like most crafts the majority of recipes come from using the Discovery tab to combine items, so you should check that regularly to see what you can make. Also all the recipes are based on real food (even the ones which use fictional ingredients) so if you know anything about cooking in real life you may be able to guess what goes together or what's missing if the Discovery tab says you need more ingredients to make something.

There is some weirdness with the cooking levels though, for example at level 0 you can make dough, but you have to be level 75 to turn it into a pizza and level 125 to add toppings, which is backwards from how it's likely to go in real life where putting their own toppings on their pizza is one of the first bits of "cooking" kids can do and making your own dough is the hardest part.

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Complaining: In lets say armour, there is 6 slots, and 8 enchantment, and you can buy 8 more enchantment (maybe 10, doesnt matter). You combine 6x18 combiantion, that i can do.

Cooking: You can buy 30 ingredients an there are some open world only, and there are no recipes below 400, just combine them. And also some food could be reprocess, but some food could be reprocess with levels you dont have yet. It could be streamlined in game somewhere.

Yes permutations are ok at start to see what we can get, after that i did optimal crafting guide.

BTW is there some good use of cooking. Orignally i was thinking of using it for crit proc might, as might is something i care for warrior. There are some builds with "if you have furry magic happens" so could have food for that in fractals or somehting.

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Yeah just experiment. A few tips. You will need lots of basic ingredients that come from a cooking vendor. Other disciplines usually only require 1 per tier while here theres a bunch from which you need to make the basic ingridients.

Also quite some mats come from random karma vendors. Stock up on those if you meet them.

Much of crafted food is used further for more advanced recepies. So dont throw them away.


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1 hour ago, Randulf.7614 said:

Just don't forget to toss it on the grill - sear those juices right in!

My meal is so raw it is still in open beta.

Are there some meals which are worth consideration?

I was thinking about holding stack of Plate of Orrian Steak Frittes or Plate of Fire Flank Stea in bags and if contens requires attencion use them, i have utility and food slots and im planning to use them.

Nice resource: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Food i can pick foods with power, or giving might on kill and it shows up.

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