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Is this person skill teleporting or are they cheating?


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I've never seen a reaper move around like that. Especially after jumping off a cliff with a mid air dodge maneuver we enjoy doing out of habbit. They've been teleporting up and down cliff sides that are 10 times his character's height when he is being chased.

I will release their name if they actually are. I just wanted to make sure.


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13 minutes ago, Zinchmwah.2067 said:

OK, thanks. Was the wurm or whatever the same cause when he went completely up a 180 degree wall that you find on the east side of SMC, too?

a 180 degree wall would be a floor
but yes, to back up what the other guy said. first is spectral walk, you can see it on the bar (little green spooky guy) and then the second one is almost definitely a Wurm placed towards the keep.

If you turn your graphics higher spectral walk has big green stink lines coming off your character, making it easier to see. the guy in the video didn't cheat.

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