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GW2 Demo 2011 female human Customization faces almost all removed

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I watched an old Demo video of character customization and I noticed almost all of the faces of female human was removed. Some of these faces are still used on NPCs but not available for us players, as usual... 😠

https://imgur.com/ig7C49c  (Also the old removed female Norn hairstyle.)


While we're at it, unreleased hairstyles since HoT


I'd love to see these to return, they're already in the game files, I honestly don't get why content like this gets removed. More customization is always better, right?

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I thought some of these were moved behind the total makeover kits.  I believe the makeover kits do have options that are not available at character creation time - I'm not sure if this is the result of them making new ones up specifically for the makeover kits, or they moved some previous free ones there.


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Wish there were more frequent updates to the customizing palette, like other skins. There was that super cool update to Charr horns, plus secret horns, (could have been more of those!) But so few new hairstyles for Cantha? The NPCs got more than we did.

In addition to all those, how about they just make all hairstyles unisex? Maybe lock em behind the hairstyle kit and put em on a different bar to avoid clutter. But why not? I just want more punky short styles for human girls, I don't really care about ensuing cringiness. (We got the maid outfit already, so the ship has sailed on that anyway.)

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