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Was curious, asked chatgpt AI...here's results

Lithril Ashwalker.6230

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If Guild Wars 2 did not have the Thief class at all, it would significantly impact the game's balance and gameplay dynamics. Thieves in Guild Wars 2 are known for their unique playstyle, emphasizing stealth, agility, and burst damage. Here are some potential consequences:

1. Altered Class Balance: Removing the Thief class would require rebalancing other classes to fill the gap. Certain game modes, such as structured PvP and World vs. World, would need significant adjustments.

2. Loss of Stealth Mechanics: Thieves are the primary class focused on stealth and shadow abilities. Without them, some stealth-based gameplay elements would be lost, affecting strategies and tactics in the game.

3. Impact on Game Modes: Thieves play a unique role in various game modes, such as capturing points in structured PvP, scouting in World vs. World, or dealing high burst damage in PvE content. Their absence would change the dynamics of these modes.

4. Reduced Variety: The removal of the Thief class would reduce the class diversity available to players, potentially leading to less variety in group compositions and strategies.

5. Lore and Story Adjustments: Removing a class would also require adjustments to the game's lore and story elements, as Thieves are integrated into the game's narrative.

Overall, the absence of the Thief class in Guild Wars 2 would have a substantial impact on the game, necessitating significant changes in terms of class balance, gameplay mechanics, and overall player experience.


There ya go...now buff thief kitten. Stop neglecting our "whines" (to quote azure)

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You can safely discard the opinion of anyone that thinks removing thief is a valid strategy to improve the balance of the game, because they're already asserting that their enjoyment is more important than the thousands of players that have and use their thief characters, and that them not having to deal with one profession they don't like is worth the many hours of dev effort to, in effect, ship a worse game. Don't even look at it.

13 hours ago, Doggie.3184 said:


I want ricochet back so bad tbh

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