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Inconsistency between Wall Spring and Wall Launch

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Having recently played with a SotO-only Skyscale after being used to the combined version, I have found an inconsistency of behaviour between the two wall jumps when touching a wall while holding down the space bar:

- When flying into a wall with the space bar held down, Wall Launch (PoF version) will trigger "normally", the endurance will immediately start to drain and the charge will build up as long as you hold the space bar and trigger the Wall Launch when you release it.

- When flying into a wall with the space bar held down, Wall Spring (SotO version) will not trigger at all: nothing happens until you release the space bar and press it again.
Releasing and pressing space again immediately after touching the wall will instantly trigger an uncharged Wall Launch, even when the space bar is kept pressed, you need to wait a short amount of time after releasing the space bar before hitting it again for the Launch to work properly (about half a second).
All in all this means you need to have released the space bar before hitting the wall in order to Wall Spring normally.

This also means that you can only trigger the combined version of the launch if you hit the wall without holding down the space bar. If you do, a normal PoF-only Wall Launch will trigger. In order to use the combined launch, you need to not have been holding down on the space bar when touching the wall, similarly to how the SotO version works as described above. (This specific point had apparently already been raised in this topic)

I hope this was as clear as possible, as someone who's essentially constantly holding down the space bar with their Skyscale, this is a bit of an hindrance when using a SotO-only Skyscale, and also prevents me from benefiting from the combined version most of the time.

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If you have "space" already pressed when you cling to a wall improved launch wont activate and instead do normal launch, but if you stick to a wall first and only then press "space" it charges faster as intented, but not sure if it launches you any futher then normal launch.

Sad to see it bugged because it would be a very welcome addition if it would work correctly

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