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Relics ?

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I would love a Dev to explain how an item can be account-bound and soul-bound at the same time. I will never understand some of the things the Devs of this game do. Account bound in their words is something that can be shared on all characters on the account. Soul bound means only one character can use it. Or am I wrong here?

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Well why the free relics from the choice box are account bound is becuase otherwise the tp would have been flooded.

And most exotics excepet rare trinket and dreambound weapon are soulbound on use.

Even the core relics you craft your self will be soulbound if you equip them mate.

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Actually it works exactly the same as almost every exotic account bound item in the game. Not all of them, but most of them. If you get an exotic account bound item, it will usally say on it soulbound on use. Before you use it, you can  move it to any character, after you use it, it's bound to the character you used it on. This has been standard in the game pretty much since launch.

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