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Quality of Life appreciation thread

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What quality of life changes do you appreciate? What are your favs?


I'm really appreciating the queue to enter maps and that you can actually see labyrinth maps are full. Makes things so much more relaxing.  

The ascended chests of teq/tt chests stacking is very nice too! 🙂


An oldie but a goodie, deposit all. 

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I would appreciate the following QoL changes:

a client-side option to hide Soulbeast's fart cloud when merged

a client-side option to hide Virtuoso's floating particle vomit

a client-side option to hide Signet of Rage's particle effect

a client-side option to hide the particle effect from Marching Orders/Soldier Focus

a client-side option to turn off all of other players' particle effects, including the vomit from their equipped skins.

a change in the mindset of the professions team that causes them to bring Warrior out of 2012 and into 2023, rather than just constantly making Warrior worse

I would also appreciate an option to make the game look like how it looked when run with dx9 and full screen. With the forced dx11, it just looks too dark, glossy and over-saturated to me. And no, it can't be fixed with the options we currently have.

But I can't see any of these happening any time soon.

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  • You can see if commanders map is full in LFG
  • You can queue for PvE maps when map full – this is really underrated feature
  • You can deposit several EoD items to mat storage
  • WvW changes
    • New vendor where you can buy selectable exotic items – you don't even need to do WvW
    • More PIPs in general
    • More reward track progress in general
  • probably a lot more – things I can complain about it less and less
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More mats for legendaries (i.e. antique summoning stones) being deposited into the storage now.

Being able to see the queue lines, so very helpful!

Favorites option and random select for those for my minis... especially nice when I want to use ALL the festival ones but can't choose ❤️

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