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[EU] Lil norwegian asura hoping to find a guild


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Hello there, Emily Woods the degenerate asuran here!

Nice of you to pop in, been playing Gw2 very on and off recently. Started it back again in like the 5th month this year and have been casually playing it up until now.

But the one thing that has been evading me is a proper guild for me. I struggle to find people or a group i can truly connect with, albeit i am hard to get to know. As with everyone RL life is busy with full weeks of work and the free time spent gaming or lazing around.

Who am i?

I'm a 30 year old that is slaving away at a warehouse during the day. And after work i enjoy spending my time gaming, be it Gw2 or other games. I have my own issues that can make me sound down depressed, but who isn't depressed nowadays huh? 

I do enjoy making friends and getting to know people, because i might be 30 but i have honestly no friends to show for that long life. No IRL friends and not really many online friends i can call proper friends either. Overall i'm pretty laid back, sound very emotionless when talking but overall an alright person.

Love music and have a big love for animals, got two cats that i adore!


So im hoping to find a guild that can maybe reignite my love for Gw2, since recently i have been losing a lot of interest in it, even though i do enjoy doing group content. My gametime is normally from 17-21:30 GMT+2 in the week days and doesnt matter much in weekends. If there is any questions regarding me as a person or player just mail me in game, think i can see it easily there compared to here 

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