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Is Eparch a name or a title?


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Everywhere I saw it used in the writing, it seemed to be used as a name. However, the word literally means "overlord", and I think can refer to certain types of bishops IRL. "Overlord" is a little on the nose as a name, and it makes sense as a title (given his creation of the various houses and noble titles, it would probably be a self-granted title). But that's just thinking with out-of-game knowledge. Is there anything in the actual writing of the first release that suggests it could be a title instead of a name?

If it was a title, it might suggest that that writers want the character's identity to be a surprise, meaning it could perhaps be a character from past lore that was either a demon, or became demonic. Even though the court has been around for much longer than GW1 era, I don't think I remember reading anything to suggest that Eparch's reign is more than a few centuries old.

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