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Motion Sickness Issues in Halloween (time-stopped) JP


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I really appreciate that Anet has put in a Time-Stopped version of the JP for Halloween.  I would like to request they go a step further and remove the swirling background.  I have a visual disability that already make ALL  JP's difficult for me, but that swirling green background is causing major vertigo and motion sickness VERY quickly upon entering the zone.  I was hoping to finally be able to give it a real go, but still cannot.  I really wanted some of the loot rewards for doing so.  Please consider changes to reduce motion sickness issues.  Thanks.

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Oh no. I tried it for just a bit at the end of my playing time yesterday, and was OK. I hope trying it again doesn't trigger mine. I can't do SAB, either, but that's OK.

Of course, now that you've pointed it out, it'll probably be worse for me!

I upvote the change to swirliness.

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oddly enough the stopped one makes me motion sick while the moving one does not.  I think there are two reasons.  1) with the clock tower moving also, it give the illusion that the stairs my character is on is moving while the clock and green stuff are standing still.  2) Also, since the green stuff moves up the tower in the moving one at about the same speed as the character, you only see a small part of it at a time while in the stopped clock, as you move up the tower, you see a greater amount of the spinning green stuff and that increases the sense of motion sickness

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