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Mystery Hex Bags and Nightfury Giveaway 🦇

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In the spirit of our prestigious Mad King Thorn, I will be hosting a mystery bag giveaway followed (probably) with a game of Marbles on Steam for the Grand prize, NIGHTFURY! You dont need to buy or download anything to play just enter in a chat command on twitch chat and u can play! ez enough right?

But before that! We will have 10 Mystery Hex Bags! The contents range from jokes to silly to items worth a smol amount of gold, bring your sense of humor The Mad King says so! The bags are meant to be a fun silly interactive experience, all funded by myself, so if you win a bag you can STILL play for the grand prize after the bags are given out.

Save the Date: Oct 30 at 9pm EST ~


hope to see you there 😄

💜 Candy

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