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'Guild Wars 2' build guide websites and the game modes that they are associated with?


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Hi, I am relatively experienced in Guild Wars 2 and was browsing a few guide websites recently and noticed that some websites support purely fractals, others raids/strikes and some all three? I was wondering if people with more experience could help explain which catagories each website specializes in or is best suited for.

Below is my understanding thus far, with any formats that a website is more focused on being in bold:

I am assuming sites that only dedicate to a single format of gameplay are more likely to provide meta-accurate builds, and as such, I have come to the following conclusions thus far. For Strikes & Raids you would use Snowcrows. WvW builds are best found on GW2Mists while Discretize can provide the best Fractal builds. As for PvP, probably MetaBattle followed by Hardstuck seem to be good choices for this?

On my hunt to find websites, I also found these useful sites that I have put here for reference:

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