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PvP pips rewards for each top Stat


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I have always wondered, why does gw2 pvp give you 1 pip in towards your chest reward for each individual Top Stat?
I do not see how that system could be exploited asuming that there are not bot, which, arennate should solve. But disregarding that, that would give more rewards towards players that can get multiple top stats consistenly right?
For example i have played a total of 5200 matches, mainly ranked. Now i have over 8000 top staps, that means that on average i get around 1 to 2  per match at least. 

If they gave pips individually it would acceleterate slightly the progress of better players and it would also rewards players where they lose games. I am sure most people can relate to a game where they did all they could, got 3, 4 or even 5 top stats, and still lost. And after all that hard fough battle with an underperforming team, you just get a mere 4 pips, where if you where rewarded a pip for each top stat, that would mean you could have gotten potentialy 7,8,9 which is almost a victory. And if you win by being the best, you could get 14,15 etc. 

I hope you can all see my point, that would make better players feel more acomplished, in the case of loses and wins. 

And this feature should be really easy and quick to implemente, they just need to change a bit of how the counting system works, but it does not mean making any new systems or costly changes. 

I know that arenanet does not care much about pvp, and despite its many flaws they refuse to do anything towards the bettering of the gamemode of pvp, focusing only on changing the classes but not the mode itself. 

What do you all think?

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4 minutes ago, DanAlcedo.3281 said:

Top stats doesn't mean your good. 

Top stats doesn't mean you were helping your team win. 

Etc etc. All said a million times already. 

So in order to get max rewards, I should ignore what is winning the game and just farm stats?

I know what you mean, but in all defense, if you are a dps, you job should to do max dmg, is it not? there is no other way to measure performance, because arenante does not want you to know of others performance except for Top Stat. But even ignoring that, if you just farm stats, and you lose, then you get less pips overall, it is not worth for a player to go out of their way to do max dmg, despite costing the loss, because they are better off trying to win first. 


Also, just farming 1 Top Stat would not change the outcome, only if you achieve 2 or more in the same match it would give you something in exchange. If someone can excel in multiple categories among their team, that says something no?

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2 hours ago, zonias.1083 said:

know what you mean, but in all defense, if you are a dps, you job should to do max dmg, is it not?

This is not pve, players dont just die after x amount of dmg dealt.

Actually top dmg stat is imo the most useless. You know what is the biggest problem with bad low rated players? Pumping useless dmg at random targets withou any team cohesion. It doesnt matter how much dmg you did 400k or 20k, all that matters your enemy died and you didnt.

My proposal. Remove all pips for losing. Loser rewards never bring anything good for the mode. Give more pips only for wins. Sure give extra pips for good plays but not the useless spam. Deduct pips for each death.

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53 minutes ago, chaoslordlol.3165 said:

Because if top stats did matter everyone would just play a willbender faceroll over teamfights complain his team does nothing come out with 20 deaths and still have at least 3 top stats. 

I doubt you would get 3 top stats by doing that. 

I everyone played dps, then we would all be competing for it, and it would rise the bar. Also, like i mentioned, the best thing is to try to win, if you go to lose, then you are just a bad player, and will be really poorly rewarded, because it is always better to win. 

I am talking more about the cases, where someone has 3 or 4 top stats, , but still lost and feel frustrated for not being rewarded despite over performing compared to all his teammates.

Lets imagine the worst case scenario. Where you all 5 people want to compete for top dps, you are all playing willbender, and going for max dmg, everytime going in. And everyone is pulling 300000 dps, or more because you are all tryhards, that would mean that you must be rolling in teamfights. I do not know, what consequences it would have, but in my opinion this change would reward better players, not just mindless killing yourself. If people practice, or try harder, they should improve slowly. 


A willbender, that will go and die 20 times, will not get any top stats, and that player is trash anyway, if he plays like that no matter if he tries for top stats or not. 

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2 hours ago, Cuks.8241 said:

Deduct pips for each death.

Deducting pips for death, i think would be a bit too much no¿ Then everyone would play really really save, and the game would not really progress and snowball like now. And probably only the best would ever play, and the mode would totally die. 


As for the stat, i think we have a difference between the role of dps. Yes i think pumping useless dmg, is bad. But the role of dps, is to pressure enemy team and get them low, and usually they have more area coverage than single dmg. That is why enables other plus ones and assassins to score kills. And that, the dps can not do alone. Doing 400 k means you fulfilled your role, you got enemy to use many heals and defensive cooldowns, if it does not result or not on a kill, is another factor. If in your team there is nobody getting enemy low, then you will never have the chance to get kills.  I think it is useful, or course if one guy goes alone vs 3 people, and does a lot of dmg, but there is no follow he dies and then nobody enemy dies, he is absolute trash.  but you need in teamfights one guy that goes blows everything and starts everything rolling. 

Team coordination is an external factor specially in solo ranked. 

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