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Make Every Class Overpowered


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When everyone is OP, nobody will be.

Post some class change ideas that would not be balanced, but would be fun to play.

Here are my ideas:

Warrior: Gain 1 adrenaline every second baseline. Remove self-root from Greatsword's Hundred Blades. If you hit a target with Greatsword's Bladetrail, you get a flipover skill that pulls them to you. Increase Hammer Earthshaker leap range to 900. When Vengeance expires, you return to downed state instead of dying.
Berserker: Rage skills no longer extend berserk duration. Whenever you hit an enemy while berserk, you extend berserk duration by 2 seconds (1 second cooldown). Heat the Soul trait has no internal cooldown and radius is increased to 600.
Spellbreaker: Dispelling Force trait now rips 2 boons even if the target has stability. Magebane Tether can now apply to 5 targets at once.
Bladesworn: You can slowly move while charging Dragon Trigger. Tactical reload restores ammo to all warrior skills again.

Guardian: Remove self-root from Sword's Zealot Defense. Shield of Absorption now blocks all attacks instead of just projectiles. All virtues retain passive effects even when on cooldown.
Dragonhunter: All trap durations increased by 50%. Longbow's Hunter Ward skill duration increased to 5 seconds in WvW.
Firebrand: Protection you grant reduces strike damage taken by 50%.
Willbender: Increase movement distance of virtues by 50%.

Revenant: Max energy is increased to 100. Swapping legends restores 100 energy.
Herald: Shield's Envoy of Exuberance gives Aegis. Remove the self-root from Shield's Crystal Hibernation.
Renegade: Breakrazor's Bastion pulses resistance. Razorclaw's Rage now also causes attacks to inflict bleed and poison. Every projectile from Darkrazor's Daring will briefly stun enemies.  Icerazor's Ire now immobilizes enemies.
Vindicator: Dodging removes immobilize.

Ranger: Your pets are more responsive to your commands. Extend longbow range to 1500. Remove self-root from Axe's Whirling Defense.
Druid: Stun nearby enemies when entering or leaving celestial avatar form.
Soulbeast: Gain power and ferocity when merged with your pet baseline.
Untamed: Gain 10 seconds of quickness when you Unleash baseline.

Engineer: Flame turret now creates a wall of fire that rotates around like Sabetha. Rifle turret now shoots faster, like a minigun. Every shot from the harpoon turret will pull the enemy to the turret. Every projectile from the rocket turret will briefly stun the enemy. Every pulse from the thumper turret will launch enemies.
Scrapper: Increase all Gyro durations by 50%.
Holosmith: Increase Prime Light Beam range to 1500
Mechanist: The mech is more responsive to your commands.

Thief: Whenever you turn invisible, you can attack 1 time without being revealed. Every time you steal, you gain 10 copper.
Daredevil: Gain bonus power if there is only 1 enemy nearby.
Deadeye: Extend rifle range to 1500.
Specter: You and your tethered ally can become invisible.

Mesmer: Create 1 clone every 5 seconds baseline.
Chronomancer: Well of Eternity now heals allies each pulse. Well of Precognition now pulses stability and aegis to allies. All's Well That Ends Well trait now causes wells to heal allies each pulse.
Mirage: Increase max clones to 5.
Virtuoso: Bladeturn Requiem blocks attacks.

Elementalist: Remove self-root from Staff's Meteor Shower
Tempest: You can cast other spells while Overloading.
Weaver: Dual Attacks deal bonus damage.
Catalyst: Water Jade Sphere now slowly resurrects downed allies. Air Jade Sphere now briefly stuns enemies every 1 second.

Necromancer: Every enemy you kill will summon 1 Bone Minion that will run towards the next target and explodes. Max 5 minions at one time.
Reaper: Executioner's Scythe now deals damage in PvP/WvW. If the damage dealt by Executioner's Scythe would down a player, that player is instead executed and dies instantly.
Scourge: Increase sand shade duration to 15 seconds.
Harbinger: Summon an aura around you during Harbinger shroud that briefly dazes nearby enemies every 3 seconds.

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Every class is overpowered? Lol that's half the games issues. 

There's so much built into every single skill now spvp has gone wild in plagues of AoEs defensives dodged and a ton of damage. 

We're doing 40-50k dps while content demands like 18k dps to clear. 

And WvWvW has delved into a spam of random AoEs to match. 



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In order to make daredevil OP, you only suggest adding increased power when there is only 1 enemy nearby? Please, this is not even enough to bring daredevil on par with any CURRENT Guardian espec. At least, increase Invigorating Precision healing to 20% and make acrobatic give 100% more vigor effectiveness.

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29 minutes ago, Beddo.1907 said:

Your ideas are so great, Ranger longbow already has 1500 range.

Yea deadeye rifle too.

Dude really said "make every class overpowered" and "those changes wouldn't be balanced" but its literally already at that range.


I feel like almost none of these changes would make any class of these op. Not sure if its just a troll post. I mean i get these changes are not serious but it feels like he doesn't even know half of these classes.

Also revenant max energy is already 100. Just the regain from swapping isnt 100. Its even written in percent. No way dude really thought the limit of revenant energy is 50%. Right..?

Imagine 2 revenants in a conversation:

"Yo bro is your energy full?"

"Yea man 50%"

"So is it full?"

"50% bro"

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I'm surprised how many people just read the title and the ideas. 

On 10/21/2023 at 2:49 AM, TheBeefChief.5824 said:

Post some class change ideas that would not be balanced, but would be fun to play.

- Extend boon- and heal-range to 5,000 to allow ranged classes playing ... ranged.
- Blocks block attacks and stability prevents crowd control, no exceptions. This game is full of exceptions.
- Reveal skills reveal stealthed enemies, no exceptions.
- Stealth from different sources stacks.
- Vulnerability stacks duration. That means if you have reached 25 stacks and apply more, the full 25 stacks get extended duration, not just the few you have just added.
- Increase the might-cap to 50. Team CmC made every class granting might with almost every breath, that is unused potential.
- Bring back Retaliation. 
- Remove the barrier-cap.
- Increase Fury critical hit chance to 50 %, so people can stack more ferocity and we see higher numbers.
- Add a stat combination that reduces vitality and toughness, but boosts ferocity and power.
- Cap toughness at 1500.
- For every 100 power, every class gets +10 Ferocity baseline.
- Remove the condition-duration-cap.
- Quickness cleanses Slow, Slow cleanses Quickness.
- If more than two conditions are cleansed at once, also cleanse a random boon as collateral damage.

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More class changes I think would be fun:

Warrior: Can now equip a third weapon set. Access it with F2 (F3 for elite specs). Weapon swap cooldown is separate from base weapon swap cooldown.

Guardian: New ability summons an aura that pulses every second for 10 seconds. Each pulse restores class-specific resource for allies (Warrior- Adrenaline, Revenant- Energy, Thief- Initiative, Mesmer- Clones, Necromancer- Life Force)

Revenant: Whenever you damage an enemy with any attack, you summon a stationary wraith at their location. The wraith will perform 1 melee attack and then vanish. 5 second cooldown before another wraith can spawn. The wraith inflicts a condition depending on what Legend you are channeling. Assassin - Cripple, Centaur - Immobilize, Demon - Torment, Dwarf - Taunt, Dragon - Slow, Renegade - Weakness, Archemorous - Vulnerability, Saint Viktor - Chill.

Thief: Attacking while in stealth no longer reveals you.

Ranger: Both ranger pets are summoned and fight for you at the same time permanently. You still have access to each of their skills.

Engineer: New Elite skill - Tactical Nuke. Call in a huge explosion that does damage in a designated area. Radius = 5000. Cooldown = 3 minutes. Max target cap = 20

Elementalist: Can now conjure certain world bosses to fight for them such as Claw of Jormag, Fire Elemental, or Megadestroyer.

Mesmer: In PvP modes, applying confusion to an enemy inverts their movement and camera controls. In PvE, applying confusion to an enemy will cause them to move erratically.

Necromancer: In PvP modes, you can resurrect the bodies of slain players to fight with you as temporary allies. In PvE, you can resurrect fallen enemies to fight for you temporarily.

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