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Skyscale skins are bugged when the "walk" mode is toggled on, they do not leave footprints unlike other mounts, also why not make shimmerwing skyscale fireball ability 2 blue like its first ability?

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Pretty much title, but that shimmerwing skyscale fireball being red really scratches my eye because shimmerwing is supposed to be exotic/legendary mount and its animations are kinda bugged, i mentioned walk mode but its appliable for EVERY skyscale and ONLY skyscale skins, walk mode does NOT leave FOOTPRINTS.


Fireball ability 2 on shimmerwing skyscale should be blue just like its first ability is.


Also i dont get the point of the red circle around blue fire, i remember they added that as some kind of cursor to indicate damage but why make it jump out of blue color by adding that weird red circling around it.

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