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Start a Boss war, In the Lab


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Anyone, looking to spice up their farm, in the lab; there's two bosses, who will fight each other. Harrower Velton and Viscount of Candy Corn. Velton, will follow you, to the cc boss door (it's a little tricky, and you will have to help her kill mobs.) Then, watch them go at it. Sometimes, reinforcements, come around, turning the room, into a warzone. Most likely, steve, will also show up. He's neutral, but an extra fun hazard.

Far as efficiency, it's not. You can get a nice chunk of bags, with all the mobs, that show up, plus when bosses die; but, it's fun, doing something, kind of different than the basic lab run and still make some coin.

If you plan to do this, be considerate. Make sure, there's not a large group, doing lab farm. Plus, it's only really fun, with 2 to 4 players, or else, it's not that exciting, going against odds.

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