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Abysmal load times

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I know this topic has been discussed many times on here but i cant find a clear answer for a good resolution to the issue. The load time varies from map to map anywhere from 60 seconds to 3+ minutes, Lion's Arch and Divinity's Reach being the worst at well over 5 minutes to load in and spawn in all npcs. I've turned down all of my graphical settings to lowest with little effect on my load times. I know its not my rig nor my internet, I just want a solution so I can enjoy the game without having to figure out what to do while I take 3-5 business days to load. Here are my specs


Intel I5-12600K @4.9 GHz

32 GB DDR4 Ram

Acer RTX3060 TI

Installed on an M.2 NVME SSD with over a TB of space left

Stable internet with 900+ MBps

Only other app open is my NZXT Cam and all of my AAA titles run just fine at max graphics with no frame spikes or load issues.



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It sounds like something may have gotten corrupt in the GW2 files over time. Please try the following (instructions below pasted from the GW2 help articles for easy access):

  1. Delete the GW2 cache
  2. Repair the client

Instructions for #1:

  1. Completely close the game.
  2. Hold down the Windows and R key to open the Run prompt.
  3. Type %temp% in the box that appears and click OK.
  4. Find any folders named "gw2cache-(code)" and delete them.
  5. Example: gw2cache-(50641E0B-3AD4-1601-081E-6450D43A0116)
  6. Re-launch the game.

Instructions for #2:

  1. Locate your Gw2.exe file.
  2. Right-click on the file and select Create shortcut.
  3. Rename this new shortcut to Guild Wars 2 Repair.
  4. Right-click on Guild Wars 2 Repair and select Properties.
  5. Locate the Target line and add –repair to the end. (Example: "C:\Games\Guild Wars 2\gw2.exe" -repair)
  6. Click OK.
  7. Now double-click the Guild Wars 2 Repair shortcut. This will begin repairing your game client automatically. The game will then launch when it is complete.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the verification and repair process will run each time you double-click the Guild Wars 2 Repair shortcut; if you would like to play the game without repairing the archive, double-click on Gw2.exe or another shortcut without the -repair command in the 'Target' line.

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