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I cannot figure out the LFG and how to get into a fractal.  I join a group and enter fractal and I'm alone.  Trying to get the first one done.  I'm totally lost.  Anyone can you help  me.  What do I do?  How do you do  a specific fractal with a group?  I look and other party members are all in a different place.  So confused. Any help would be appreciated.  BTW any beginner freindly Guild to help with Fractals, Strikes and so on.


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If you join others lfg then you need exit mist, if group is already in, there should be window in LA to move to fractal zone, if they are still in mist, then you need to exit your instance mist to la, and reenter mist.

You could also right click some other party member and click join the... generally game creates several instances, even if ppl are in same squad and map.

You could also enter mist, on your own and then start your lfg fractal 1, and so on.

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sorry didn't understand any of that what is LA?  Don't know how to start a LFG in a fractal.  I just don't understand the simple basic of how to join and play a fractal.  If someone knows ofa simple step by step guide.  Pleaselink it.  Thank youevilcatfor the response.

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Join a group before you enter the fractal portal.  If anyone in the group enters before you, it will pop up a dialogue asking you if you want to enter as long as you're in a zone that has a fractal portal (e.g. Lion's Arch).  The reason for this is that it's possible for grouped players to merge their group with yours, in which case you will find yourself in different instances until you exit and re-enter the fractal portal.  Once everyone is in the same instance you shouldn't have any problems.

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3 hours ago, Phread.7506 said:

sorry didn't understand any of that

Okay, here is how it goes:

  • Upon interacting with the portal to the Fractal Lobby in Lion's Arch, you can pick which Fractal you want to start with. The Lobby itself also offers a device at which you can set the desired Fractal level.
  • If you are new, you need to progress from Fractal to Fractal in order to be able to access higher-ranked Fractals. At some point, you reach the maximum (which is 100), before that higher-level Fractals will be greyed out for you, but you can still join others on higher levels.
  • You absolutely need to have the required Agony Resistance for the Fractals you do. You can test this in the Fractal Lobby. The higher the Fractal, the more AR is required.
  • You can join groups in LFG. There is a section for Fractals, which is devided into four tiers (Tier 1 = 1-25; Tier 2 = 26-50; Tier 3 = 51-75; Tier 4 = 76-100).
  • LFG abbreviations are: P+F (potions and food), exp = experienced, UFE = Unstable Fractal Essences (a Challenge Mode kill proof), Recs = recommended Dailies, title = the required Achievement Title for the Fractal

Full information is available on the Wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Fractals_of_the_Mists

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1) Go to Lion's Arch (LA) (or if you have the gem store pass Mistlock Sanctuary).
2) Open the LFG menu, click on Fractals then Initiate Scale 1-25 (the others should be locked for now).
3) If you can find a suitable group in the list click 'join', if not see the instructions below about starting one.
4) If you're in LA or Mistlock and at least 1 member of your group is already in the Fractals you'll get a pop-up inviting you to join them, click the button.
5) If you're not in LA or Mistlock head there as soon as you can. If you are and didn't get the pop-up you can either wait for someone to go in and then join them or you can head through the portal yourself.
6) You'll probably end up in the Mistlock Observatory, this is the Fractal lobby and has various services (including some unique vendors) and a console to choose which Fractal you want to go to. You can just wait for someone else to set it up and start the Fractal when everyone is ready, then you'll get another pop-up asking if you're ready to go.
7) Once you load in again the actual dungeon will start, follow the other players, the instructions on screen and if you're not sure ask what to do.

If you need to start your own group:
1) Make sure you're in the right LFG section.
2) Click 'Advertise Your Group'.
3) Type in whatever description you want. I recommend something like "my 1st fractal - looking for help". If you want to do a specific Fractal you should include the number or name.
4) Click 'Advertise Your Group' again.
5) Wait for people to join. How long it takes depends on how busy the game is at the time and your description (more specific requirements take longer to fill).

If you want to be the one to start the Fractal (GW2 groups don't have leaders but if you start the advert the others might expect you to pick the one you want to do)
1) Go towards the portal in the middle of Fort Marriner in LA, the one with the red map icon over it that's on a little floating island. (I'm not sure where the Mistlock Sanctuary portal is, but it has the same icon.)
2) A menu will pop-up asking you to choose a Fractal. At first I think only 1-Volcanic will be available, the others unlock as you do more Fractals (you don't have to do them in order.)
3) Click enter.
4) If for some reason you picked the wrong one or you want to change it go up the slope on your left and use the Scale Setting Sequencer machine, which gives you the exact same menu as before.
5) When your group is ready one of you need to run into the big blue glowing thing immediately in front of you when you enter.
6) A window will pop up asking if you're ready. Everyone in the group needs to click 'Yes' then you'll load into the Fractal.

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