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What is rotation?


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3 hours ago, magickthief.6492 said:

I don't think everyone agrees or knows, so....What is rotation?

It’s a player constructed concept, about moving from one capture point to another, in such a way where the game remains at a zero sum…if the enemy goes left, you go right…or if enemy goes left, you go left to match them because you know you have an advantage in the fight against them.

it implies that for every move your opponents make, there is and you take, the move that neutralizes their gain and potentially be in a situation where you are always in favor on the map.

other times rotation just means to move to another capture point regardless of any strategy…the idea is that you assume the enemy is also doing the same thing, in trying to return the game to a zero sum…so simply moving around allows you to better position yourself to understand the opponents possible strategies they might take, or force the opponents to take strategies you want them to take in the future.

not all games require a player to rotate…for instance a team where you have mostly bunkers, gain little benefit in rotating off of points they already own…and in contrast players that can not hold points might always benefit from rotating because they can’t hold onto points or require others to do so which puts them at a numbers disadvantage. In other instances, rotation might be purely decided on what the score is…like towards the end of a game, where a decap of an enemy point is required to prevent them from winning, the team must move into a position for that decap to occur regardless of what the opponents strategy might be. In good games, the opponent will know this, rotate and stack themselves onto the node to prevent that decap from occurring…to counter that strategy.

Third usage of the rotation deals with the specific instance of moving yourself into fights that you know you can take. For instance if you are a squishy big aoe damage reaper, and you are presented with two choices: rotate into a 1v2 at far or +1 the 2v2 teamfight at mid…your “rotation” in this instance is deciding based on the build you play, your skill level, your opponents and so on…for what the best fight is to take…and you take this into account along with all the other factors and strategies that are in play. Taking a 1v2 where you know you can beat them as this squishy reaper might be a superior strategy than taking the teamfight…or it might be a colossal failure and lead to a mid wipe since those two players will rotate to mid after killing you. Judging what the best thing to do is at that moment and what rotation you need to make are dependent on all of these factors. 

should be stated that, rotation in this game is formally undecidable…and that you can’t foresee every possible outcome. So there’s no mathematically rigorous definition for an optimal theory of rotation. It’s something you can only experience in the act of playing the game itself and discovering what the next sequence of events can be at the current state of the game based on the information of that specific game. 

Have fun.

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teamfighter: mid->far->mid->far, repeat, sometimes home at start if no roamers

roamer: home->mid->far->mid->home, repeat

sidenoder: far when enemies on home, home when enemies on far


usually you only want to decap (not full cap) far if you have home, and to cap far if you're missing home to keep it even.

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What rotation isn't:

-X players capping the same node together without any opposition

- X players camping uncontested nodes with all enemies accounted for elsewhere on the map

- X players continually fighting an immortal bunker on a point they don't own, in a fight they can't/won't win

- X players staying in fights too long, either to die together, or not capitalize on won fights

- completely ignoring map objectives

99% of the time you get called out for rotations it's for these reasons.

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Rotation is the going to places in the map that some dude in the chat wants you to go

This dude is the pvp coach

He's usually a gold 1 player with legendary skills but now he's gold 2 cuz his teammates are bad, and of course he higher than he should cuz he won and lost games with high plat players getting like +19 -9 rating

Everything is fine till the other team gets 50 points ahead

Then he's enlightened with the universal truth on how to play the game and gonna type what you should be doing in the map to win the game

Everytime he dies he types for a min or so, but that's not the reason the game that was 50 pnts behind 1 min ago is now 170 pnts behind

They live a sad life trying to steer their teammates in the right direction while they cant handle any critcism

Those teammates are usually highet rated than he is for pure matter of luck

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It still feels to me that people ''rotate'' becuase they think they are pro. I stil don't see the point of rotating if you are the superior group fighting team. Side noders, roamers, duelists, bunkers, support, doesnt matter, they can all position in a way to cut off main/flank access to home/mid, while still being close enough to each other to group up and counter a zerg. This type of defensive play happens.. never. 9/10 games is the constant proccess of needlessly trading home points. Maybe im just not seing the higher level tactics here, but thats how it often looks to me.


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it's about being at the right place at the right time.

it's about being where your class can give the team the most value.

you need to understand your role, your teams roles, & what the enemy team have. then you need to look at the minimap, your teams health bars & the score & figure out where you need to go to provide value.

it's a skill everyone should be working to master, always & is much more important than your ability to pilot your character. more games are decided on rotations than fights (if you think they arnt you need to focus more on making good rotations and you will see how much they matter, one of the reasons people cry about duo and premades is because they can use voice to rotate better so go figure).

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