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Captain's stats available only on trinkets - why?

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That's left over stat combos from before HoT when real 4 stat combos became a thing. 

These are not "real"  4 stat combos. Because, for example, a berserker ring is a berserker ring + berserker Juwel. Atleast You have to think about it that way. 

The 4 stat rings are a berserker ring and a valkyrie Juwel. As an example. 

Or in other words, they have 4 different stats but the same total stats as a 3 stat ring. 


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Like people said, the "double" (i.e. Berserker + Valkyrie) stats are just a case of a trinket with one stat base and different stat jewel (except for Ascended trinkets the jewel upgrade is already "baked in"). Since that is trinket specific, it's not applicable to other gear slots. Now, stuff like Captain's is another issue - it is a separate stat set, so yes, it probably should be available on other pieces as well.

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