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Hack Damage

server st anne.8750

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Can  Hack damage be seen in Combat stats? Please state your reasons and sources [ if possible] Not looking for it to directly 'say' its hack, will ALL damage be seen or not. Guildie says can't see it. But how can you have damage w/o it going into stats. It's all too easy to blame hack for being killed, but if not hack, then gotta formulate a counter for what kills ya. Thank you in advance for any info shared.

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Tell us what you class and weapon setup you meet and we can probably say straight away what killed you without hacks. 

Pewpew longbow soulbeast at max range = one wolf double damage with max damage buffs.
Immortal/untouchable Weaver in melee = constant combo fields and a million boons. 
Deadeye and all you hear is pewpewpewpew*dead* = skirmishers and malicious shot with quickness
Etc and so on.

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15 hours ago, Sleepwalker.1398 said:

I was hit from a person under the map on land.
My combat logs showed all ranger harpoon gun skills hitting me.

Wich even so is weird cause the water level under EBG map its really depth, last time i was there (game skill "features"), i dont think a person would have range unless was flying under the map???


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