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adjustment suggestion on a pvp daily


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19 hours ago, Reznov.5423 said:

So, there is a daily that asks me to do 100000 damage, and it shows up almost every single day. Here is a problem, l like to play support, so this daily is basically a dead one to me. Can it be changed to 100000 damage or 100000 healing? 

uhmmm, Even as support if you play 2 games or 3 you should able to do 100k damage. And I am talking about 2v2 ranked because in 5v5 it's normaly not hard to get 100k damage as support even.


And while waiting on Queue in arena you can do start completing it by dueling in FFA

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I play support all the time: guard, tempest, druid, a crazy engi support spec I put together for fun.  In a normal conquest game, you should hit 100k easy. If the first game is a stomp either way it might take a second, but you should still be doing damage even as support.


Remember, support amulets still have damage stats on them. Take those into account when putting together your build, and you'll find you have more utility than just boons and healing

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