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Mad King Says gave no reward


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Last night I ran one Mad King Says event at 10pm Eastern (after reset, so counts for today). I got there late and ended up with 7 stacks total out of the 15.

This should have given me 1 key fragment and credit toward the daily 'Trick-or-Treat across Tyria' achievement.
I did not get either of those and there were no chests over the minimap after the event ended.

This would not be much of an issue since there were plenty more Mad King Says opportunities today, so I ran it again this morning. Got there at the start. Had all 15 stacks by the end and received credit for both 'Trick-or-Treat across Tyria' and Mad King Says.
The problem is, he chest above the minimap for Mad King only contained 2 key fragments. It is acting like I DID get the 1 I was supposed to get last night, so I'm left 1 short for the day. No key, no daily chest opening.

Any way to fix this, or am I out of luck for today? (This was the day I'd have gotten something great from that chest, I just know it! 😛)

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7 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

You are out of luck for today.  You could try contacting the CS Team, but doubtful they will give you the missing key fragment

Keep in mind that you must complete (obtain 12 fragments) 'Mad King Says' to get credit for the 'Trick-or-Treat across Tyria' achievement.

Ah, ok on the Trick or Treat one. If that is the case, I guess I would not have gotten that anyway. So I just missed the key fragment. Thanks.

(Also, if you need 12 stacks for credit on that, the achievement should probably say more than "Participate in Mad King Says")

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Well, I put in a ticket and the GM who replied just quoted the wiki at me and implied any error was because of something I did.

Not that I'd wish this bug on other players, but there is a case where something can go wrong with the event and I'd be /surprised if it does not happen to anyone else.

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6 hours ago, BigDaddyDragon.8365 said:

This has happened to me twice now on multiple accounts.  They really need to fix this if they know there is a problem.


The only thing they seem to want to do is blame it on the player and say "try again, but do it right next time".

I mean it MUST be something we did wrong and it isn't like this is a limited time event with exactly ONE chance to open that chest per day or anything.

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