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A bug with the skill Lightning Orb

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Ever since the launch of SotO, the Elementalist skill Lightning Orb (Warhorn Air 5) is currently doing no damage on structures, and structure-like bosses.

From my own testing, this includes but not limited to:

- Conjured Amalgamate's body, seems to work on hands (Raid wing 6 first boss)

- The Dragonvoid (Harvest Temple Strike Mission)

- Soo-Won (Dragon's End meta boss)

- Prototype XJ-1 (Echovald Wilds meta boss)

- Mouth of Moredremoth (Dragon's Stand meta boss)

- Every structure in the game, too many to list.

Before SotO's launch, this skill worked on those bosses just fine. Since this is an Ele wide issue now - with every build running warhorn - I feel its important to address.

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