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<EU> <PVX> Followers of Hylek [FOK] is a mature and friendly guild for players looking for a community to call home <18+>


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We are a bunch of old farts/hags and young whippersnappers who enjoy the game together; we are not bound by any specific type of content but try to explore and enjoy a variety of play styles. Our general attitude can probably best be summarized by enjoying the journey instead of rushing towards end goals or rewards (not that we mind getting shinies).  As such we take our time to stop up and smell the roses. We try to ensure everybody has a good time by explaining, answering questions and laughing at our inevitable failures. 

Followers of Hylek is a small guild of ppl that have played together for a while over the course of different guilds. The guild has existed little over 5 months and already reached a level 55 guild hall (and likely higher by the time you are reading this). Most of us have played the game for a long long time and I can safely say that GW2 is our MMO of choice, it always manages to pull us back in. While we enjoy our small size and find it rarely limits us, we would like to have a more consistent possibility of exploring 10 man content together in a casual and fun manner with like minded people.
The Hyleks aim to be a primary guild; while not enforcing any strict repping rules we do like to show our tag and hope you will too! We strongly encourage to participate in and actively contribute to our community, with the understanding that  balancing real life and game time can be rocket science. Our events are mostly in the evenings, anywhere between 18:00 and 21:00 CET.

Inclusivity, fun, and community, are always high on the list and as such you are always welcome to our guild, no matter your experience level. We all enjoyed the game long before we got proficient and besides: knowing the best fishing spot, knowledge of the lore or just where the most beautiful vista’s are, are as important for enjoying the game as being Master Combat Annihilator

If you're interested in playing the game and contributing to a friendly and positive community check us out at our Discord at https://discord.gg/CT9UjDq6gp or contact us in game:




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Hey, I'm a returning UK player, I bought the expansions during the recent sale and completed the story and some other content like mounts.

Now looking for similar people to do the rest of the pve content with, if you have any space it would be great 🙂 

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