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Personal Gyrocopter Glider Bug and fixes!

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For those whom have the new copter glider/chair combo be warned, using "Randomize Glider Skins" with the new Personal Gyrocopter Glider will result in a visual bug completely hiding your weapons while drawn once you glide and get the copter glider IF you do not have the copter selected as the glider of choice in the glider skins panel.


Thankfully there is 1 way to avoid the bug and 2 ways I've found to fix it.

1: Have the Personal Gyrocopter Glider selected in the Glider skins Panel!  (To avoid the bug.)

2: Change maps, this will fix the visual anomaly until the copter comes up when you randomly get it as a glider again. (Temp-fix)

3: Go into your Glider Skins tab of the Hero panel and select the Personal Gyrocopter Glider then glide until it is selected among your random gliders, this will undo the visual bug. (Fast-fix)

This thankfully only applies to people using the Randomize Glider Skins checkbox and thus far I have not encountered it if you are simply using the glider as normal and does not appear to trigger off the chair variant of the copter.

So to anyone whom obtained the glider/chair combo drop from the BLC and has been noticing their weapons vanishing while equipped during fights I hope this helps.

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