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Strike Missions - Party member leaves or Logs and Fail bug

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When Strikes that have phases, like Whisper or Boneskinner or Old Lions Court or Kaineng Overlook or Harvest Temple.   If someone leaves mid instance where the group has gotten either 50 to 80% pull that ends in a fail.  People will drop from the strike during the fight typically because they die or maybe they forgot they were playing strikes.   The instance will bug at that point.

  • Whisper of Jormag
    • All the mechanics all at once (Orange Circles / Chains / Green Circle / Chains / Tornadoes / Chains ) 
    • People get stuck in the realm they are fighting themselves only to have the boss never to appear
  • Boneskinner
    • All the mechanics all at once
  • Old Lions Court
    • Resets in CM mode even though CM is not set
  • Kaineng Overlook
    • Golem Boss does not reset and shoots entire time
    • The Mindblade - Enforcer - Ritualist > They simply stand still and do not aggro or do any mechanics.
  • Harvest Template
    • Will randomly reset as if everyone did a /gg


Why is the Strike Mission instance so connected to the people that join and if they leave the Strike Mission does not reset?  This also happens in Fractals, it is like the same code to reset an instance is bugged?  Currently the only fix is to leave the instance and go back in, full reset

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