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Stuck with 10 years old characters

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You can see all the stuff that you'll get in birthday gifts here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Birthday_Gift

I'd say you probably only need to keep 1 so you get the new account gift each year (probably your oldest, but if they're close in age it might not matter). Having more older characters does mean you get more of the reusable stuff like the teleport to friends, birthday boosters etc. but it's not that much of a big deal if you miss out on them (even the one-off stuff is only 'nice to have' there's nothing in there which will make a huge difference for you).

I know some people keep most their characters (maybe all of them?) and buy additional character slots to avoid deleting them, and recommend everyone else do the same, but if it's annoying you I think you'd be better off deleting some of them.

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I'd never keep a character just for birthday gifts. Although it might help that I haven't wanted to delete my first 4 since the first week I started (when I did delete 2 of them to make changes) so I don't need to worry about it delaying access to the newer gifts.

It might also help that over the years I've probably made over 100 characters so I couldn't keep them all even if I wanted to. Most of them were made to be temporary - they were key runners or for doing one particular story path or experimenting with something or other and I knew when I made them they'd be deleted eventually. Between birthday boosters from the ones I did keep (4, then 5, then 9, then 11, now 13) and celebration boosters from...wherever those comes from I've got enough to keep the boost up pretty much constantly and I don't really need the other stuff (I never remember to use teleport to friends) so I'd rather have an empty slot for a character I will use than one that's just sitting there waiting to be moderately useful once a year.

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I'd keep the chars - because of the birthday gifts. Had a GW1 account ... super old from release and collector's edition. Never really played GW1 and wanted to start it in 2019 or so lol. Deleted an old char and then discovered that I could have gotten the gifts there first. Basically only minis for some HoM stuff.

In GW2 the black lion statuettes can be interesting to gather. Unless you need the slot to play a different char immediately ... I'd keep the old chars. If you buy expansions you'll also get extra slots. Personally I have one char for each profession: I can understand that a duplicate guardian is not really needed when you are tight on slots and want to try out another profession.

For stuff like "wanting to manually start from level 1 go get back into the game after a long break" I'd suggest to make a new char (if slots are free ... if not maybe buying another one) - leveling it a bit. And then maybe later considering to go back to the main (the old char).

Key running and making 100+ chars and always deleting it ... is a special thing. Similar to making more than one char of each profession for cosmetic purposes. I know some people do this. But I guess the amount of those people ... is low.

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