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Open World Solo Mesmer


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"Mesmer is not good solo class, also git gud, open world is so easy, play whatever". <- just to be done with it.

What is the best aproach to play solo mesmer in version of core and with elite specialization? i am thinking bounty champions, but not legendary. Normal goons could be done with most coherent mesmers, but sometimes there is some event of elite or champion level, and it is just a shame to not loot them. So i am looking for something which is good for champion bounties, and it will probably be ok for normal goons. Not a tagger.

Weapons - GS with laser beam is good start, is S/S meta for the reason or something like Scepter/Pistol could be a safer option.?

Berserker? Maruder? Celestial? Or Carrion/Viper and general condi?

Which elite specialization? Chronomancer has healing weild that is useful. Mirage could has better evasion. Virtuoso is best mesmer, but lack of clones means less distraction for enemies.

Sample build for core: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAEtrlVwqYWMF2JOSL2HbA-DSIYRUQBOBFXAAA-e

More agressive version: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAEtrlVwqYWsN2JOyKVHbA-DSIYRUQBOBFXAAA-e

Or maybe celstial max heal http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAEtrjVYbglrjdaD-DyIY1QBAAA-e


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Dagger+Pistol/Staff Mirage

I go half cele/half vipers, but you can go full cele or full vipers depending on your preferences.

Build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAgqZlRwwYSsLmJW2P9PNA-DiyonEIsQIzKAAA-e

Relic can be whatever. None of them really stand out to me tbh. I go daredevil relic because it's nice to always have dagger ambushes crit for trash mobs. You can basically ambush once or twice and then just move on because the bleeding will kill them.

This build can solo anything NP.


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Whichever one I feel like playing that day.  Seriously.  Mesmer has a lot of good tools, so it is able to handle nearly any situation.  If I were to break down which ones I play most often, I tend to avoid the Mirage for most open world stuff.  The reason being that mirage doesn't have the highest burst, reliant on shatters and a recently nerfed confusion in order to do aoe damage.  Against champs and legendary enemies Mirage is one of the best out there, but for general wandering I tend to avoid it.

If I were to recommend a general build for the overworld, it would be the condition virtuoso.  This thing has a scary high amount of self-sustain if you don't use the healing signet for DPS.  It can fight well at any distance, it has decent cleave for groups of enemies, and it does non-trivial amounts of strike damage.  The only thing you'll have to fear is the rare projectile destruction/reflection in PVE.

The one that I use the most is power chronomancer.  I use it mostly for the run speed bonus.  However, the continuum split rotation does hit incredibly hard, shredding pretty much anything that isn't a champion.  I can still solo champions with it, too, but it isn't as easy as the condi virt.  It does strike damage, so many enemies are killed quite quickly with a single phantasm, or a quick shatter combo.  

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Alright, I feel the need to say this: This isn't Guild Wars 1. There is no way to do something so wrong that you will not be able to do basically everything. I say basically becasue once you get into dungeons, high fractals, strikes, and raids your build and gear do matter, but for literally everything else it pretty much doesn't. Builds only matter if you want to do something well, and you have a lot of room and a gracious space to experiment for yourself. Myself purrsonally I play CORE mesmer, no elite specs. I use a staff and I wear FULL celestial gear. I am not the strongest by any means, but I am very hard to kill and that's a strength on its own. I fight, I buff, I condition, I rez. I do everything, everywhere just fine. You can too.

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Mirage's your go-to option to face champions in a duel without risks. With its many opportunities to generate vigor, if you even get some endurance regen food (such as this stew) you only have to learn your target's pattern and you're pretty much invulnerable until you make a mistake. In which case, you can get rid of conditions easily with mirage's jaunt or rely on the mesmer utility arcane thievery. You can top off your regen using passively the ether signet - a mirage with the self-deception trait can also pull off an absurd amount of shatter fodder, but the uncontested champion in this regard still is the virtuoso in the line of @Blood Red Arachnid.2493's build above!

Mirage really is strong on condition builds, but that doesn't prevent you from making a power build. The power build isn't one of the strongest around though, unlike the condi one (as @taara.3217 said, it's largely a matter of taste if you do not go down the ordinary staff build which includes a retreat to get away from melee/AoEs and regen options, on top of your healing skill). Open world is largely forgiving so you really can play the way you want, you don't even have to absolutely rely on celestial gear - I'd rather shred things to pieces with my berserker gear and bet on distortion with the right trait +endurance regen food. Evasive mirror on a power build can also keep you lengthily safe from ranged harm.

I'd be more confident about the virtuoso though to have a balance between quickly clearing trash mobs and facing a champion (or both for that matter, so you don't keep switching builds). Can't really add on the chronomancer - haven't been playing it in open world for a (very) long while. Merely a matter of taste here, so I'll leave this one to others for that sort of content; however once more, open world really is forgiving, so just play what you enjoy the most!

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Solo Mesmers are not as good as they were before due to the constant balance nerfs we get like clockwork,
that being said you can still be a tank, healer, and dps all in one very easily until at least the November update.

You've a lot of options on the table until then at least! I've included what my Mesmer looks like in Open World Content, it's a Tank/Heal style build that quickly reaches just under 30k dps in most situations, can solo just about anything in OW easily. I'm not a fan of sharing full builds, but just to give an idea of whats possible when fully proc'd, only two things needed to be maintained are Regen and Fury, which both have 100% uptime:


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