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Need for agony infusion gobbler

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21 hours ago, Randulf.7614 said:

Is there any benefit to upgrading thrm to higher values and then selling?

I don't think so. The listing fee will probably make it so people run in the red if they do that. The reason these are so cheap is actually because of the Integrated Fractal Matrix bottleneck. Nobody needs +1s if they need to first farm Fractal Relics to get the +5 stat infusions.

They should start by trying to reduce the costs of those Integrated Fractal Matrixes. It's easier to load a character with the cringe special effect infusions than it is to give them these infusions with no special effects! On top of this, us WvW players who don't do fractals that often can just settle with the +5 stat WvW infusions. If they make the fractal infusions desirable over the WvW ones, the +1 agony resistance infusions will sell better.

Edit 1: It costs 768 +1s per +5 stat & +9 agony resistance infusion. That's a lot per character! A person with a lot of characters would probably drain those things out of the system, if they were an affordable option.

Edit 2: It looks like there is a way to exchange +1 into +9, but you can't do instant sell for a profit. You need to post them and hope that nobody does the math. Why aren't people doing the math?

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