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DE guild in WvW?


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I'm not really German, just looking to learn the language, need more study sources. I spend 50/50 of my time in both WvW and PvE.
I plan on moving to Elona's Reach since a lot of people recommended the server to others on reddit, but I don't have enough gems to transfer oop. (I already used free transfer, Crystal Desert --> Dragonbrand, so I have to pay, a lot.)

If anyone is in German speaking wvw guild I can apply or ask/request to join (Any server(s) at the moment, really. The lower population the better so it's not heavy on my wallet and gold exchange.)  Please let me know. I won't speak or bother much, I'll read and listen. Will happily try to gear to certain needed builds. (I still suck but will try, regardless.)


For anyone concern of my timezone: NO, I do not live in USA. I'm in Southeast Asia. My timezons is already kittened enough for both regions so I don't care much.

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Before you transfer: I hope you aware are of the timezone difference between NA and Europe: If you transfer to a german server like Elona be aware that the primetime for guild raids is 19:00-23:00 CE(S)T, which is 13:00-17:00 on US East Coast and 10:00-14:00 on US West Coast. During US primetime most people sleep in Europe.

Also have a look at https://de-forum.guildwars2.com/forum/16-gildensuche/ where german speaking guilds are looking for german speaking members.

Btw.: Instead of transfering your main account, simply make a new one for free on the world you like 😉 to try it out and if you like it you can buy HoT+PoF on an occasion to have access to mounts,builds and transfers between main and second account. 2 accounts are also useful for gold farming, as several lukrativ things you can do only once a day/week per account.

If you play in EU and set your localisation to german (with right-cntrl you can switch temp. back to engl.) you will also be placed on map instances with german-speakers, turning your map-chat (also in PvE) to mostly german as well.

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