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[Fall] Chaotic Nightfall Legion / We are looking for new, old and returning players that dont care about META and wants to play whatever build then want to.

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We are new slowly growing guild made for players that wants to play whatever they want to. Wanna play meta builds or would you like to play off-meta builds? You can do so! So what if your build is unbalanced or low dps. We want to have fun with classes and builds we love to play. Looking for friendly people to tag along for your adventure? Here we are!

Main focus of this guild are :
PvE (Dungeons,Fractals,Raids,Strikes)
World Exploration
Friendly community where people will help eachother and have fun.
Guiding new players.
Helping with crafting.
Weekly events.
And for some of us improving english and social skills.

We are not looking for people who give up after a week, but for people who wants to grow together with our guild in long term and make life long friendships.

For more information or joining, send me dm on discord : yuusan74

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