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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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Hello please can you bring back the festive gobbler items for the buff? Like Wintersday Gobbler etc?
Something like a package with the items + boosters and black lions boosters would be cool, a lot of people missed out and would buy this!

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Hello, to begin I would like to propose a request to Arenanet for the addition of a new Outfit and Package. Shiro’s legacy package made GW1 fans happy, for the same reason it would be desirable that we also have a package on Varesh Ossa’s antagonist which deserves its place for the 20th anniversary or for another occasion.




That’s how I imagine the package.

Warmarshal of Kourna Appearance Package

Package Contents

  • Warmarshal of Kourna Outfit
  • Scythe of Warmarshal of Kourna Staff Skin
  • Scythe of Warmarshal of Kourna Greatsword Skin
  • Total Makeover
  • Dye kit ???

I think a lot of people will be happy if this package sees the light of day. 🙏


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I'M WAITING FOR IT FOR A LONG TIME (there are many harvesting tools and no choice of logging tools for weeks)

And some **NICE** outfits/skins for female characters are wanted 🙂 becouse for a long long time there are the same (and not atractive) in store ...
Waiting for items:)

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We was talking today about what will be the new item in the black lion chest tommorow with sab.

For the joke i say "imagine a mini-choupi following you".

So a new item (maybe not in black lion chest) but why not a miniature of ourself who change with the look that we wear ?
It will be probably really difficult to do, but it would be fun to see for sure ^^

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Synergetics Dynamic Warcar (Warclaw Skin).

Following the futuristic magitech theme from the other "Synergetics/Dynamics" mount types series (Skimmer, Rollerbeetle, Skyscale, Jackal & that "Jetboat Racer" Skiff), a Warclaw skin that is build like a car/small tank with a mecha-lion/hound face on the frontside, magitech neon lights and holographic hardlights, shiny electric metallic foil/aluminum chassis and a roaring engine that goes "VROOM VROOOM" with an "animal-esque" (think big cat or big dog) tone sound effect to it.

WvWorlders would love it almost as much as anet loves $kin money$.

It's a "Gemzillion" Gold idea, anet. You want it, the WvW players want it and more importantly... your ncsoft shareholding masters want it, thus get to it, it'll print revenue.

But don't you dare lootbox it by putting it on the sleazy/scummy 0.3% ~ 3.0% odds gacha rates (as revealed per EU laws forcing them, otherwise they wouldn't reveal it + nxon being nxon getting caught further lowering the odds in korea)  blak lion chest. Just put it on the cas- gemstore.


Also, here is another idea, that's right, 2 in 1.

Synergetic Jade Turtletank (Turtle Skin).

The lore behind it would be that the asuras and the canthans signed a deal for a co-jointed project as a way, of sorts, to promote... diplomacy(?) between each other, which of course, manifests as a bloody jade powered turtle war machine. They would brainstorm ideas and once each of the two parties involved got over their inherent nasty smug superiority complex and obnoxious asura geniuses/canthan scientists behaviors, they got to work and... produced a thing... that'll probably sell a lot on gemstore.

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Dear Mr. or Ms. ArenaNet,
dear fellow players,

We come to you with the opportunity of a lifetime:

Asura Kitty Golem skins for the engineers mechs!

Let's face it, Jade Mechs are a mere immitation of what the glorious asuran race has already accomplished ages ago with their golem technology.
And adding cats to it? Clearly a no-brainer!
Considering the massive popularity of the mechanist, becoming the most played engineer spec ever since its introduction, there are customers galore!
And it get's even better: The most played profession for asura? The Engineer!
In short, we strongly believe offering asura golem skins in the Gem Store, especially Kitty Golem themed ones, will prove to be a massive success, both for players engagement with the game, and your wallet.
To illustrate the second point, please refer to the following image:

We hope you will make the right decision, both for the players, and your wallet!

Best regards,
Agent J (Agent J.8693) and Granny (Nesin.9351)
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Mech golem customization in general would be nice. I was shocked when it was not in at EoD launch, or as part of a cosmetic package in the gemstore shortly after. This really felt like money left on the table.

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Please add emotes that have a limited time like /Unleash and the one that is tied with the purchase of  Mists Cold Brew Coffee /sipcoffee

They can be available after a certain amount of time, like a few months after they first were available. 

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So I was roaming around Queensdale for funzies and decided to go boar hunting with Lodgemaster Carthage and that bodacious babe Emi. I noticed Emi was looking  extra fabulous today and thought to myself  "That would look nice on my character." Much to my dismay, it does not appear to be an outfit/armor that a player can get. If it is, please let me know. Otherwise:


tl;dr my wallet is ready and I want that outfit.

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Just now, Witch of Doom.5739 said:

Yeah, I like the style too.  Why don't you post this as a suggestion in the "Gemstore Requests" thread?  They do read that.

Because I'm convinced they don't and that thread is more of a blackhole where suggestions go to die since it's filled to the brim with requests. The mods will move it as they deem appropriate. Until  then, it's immediately visible here and could drum up interest. Other players don't bother checking through that monster  of a thread to see if their suggestion has already been brought up.

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