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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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Can we have a version of combat bunny helmet that displays certain hairstyles, such as exclusive long pony tail?


Also, can we have a version of adventure cat outfit that covers asura ears, or display just one pair of ears?

It's silly to have two pairs of ears on asura.

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I always wanted something that added Dragon Scale Skin Patches like D&D Dragon-Blood Sorcerers have; like an Infusion that actually added scales to your skin texture and not just making you glow a different color. I recently-returned-to-and-noticed Elder Scrolls Online had added something just like that in all the right places in some past event I could preview~  it's FOMO'd and entirely unobtainable ofc cuz live service vidya games 🙄but still: It's a good example of what I'd want to buy in GW2.


With Swimsuits (finally) on the way it'd certainly be a good idea to finally add Tattoos to the game too~ could just add it that way. 😄

(I also still want purely blunt bonk sticks like a Baseball Bat. I like those ESO bonk sticks in pic XD)

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I have suggested before, but I'll do it again. 

CharrTech/Steampunk mount set.

Raptor - Mech (Siege Golem legs), Jackal - Charr car, Griffon - Faulty/experimental Jet, Skyskale - Charr helicopter, Warclaw - Mecha Siege Devourer (EoTM), Turtle - TT6-B Devourer (IBS), Skimmer - Hover board (Forged Glider), Springer - Jetpack (Decorative Molten Jetpack).

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21 hours ago, Astral Projections.7320 said:

Sale ending soon (less than 24 hours)

  1. Delicate Lace Cape 500 gems
  2. Gilded Stratus Longbow 600 gems


20% off

  1. Braham's Wolfblood Pauldrons 240 gems
  2. Etherbound Helm 400 gems
  3. Festive Hat 120 gems  
  4. Immortal Nimbus Package 480 gems
  5. Mask of the Jubilee 320 gems
  6. Winter Antlers Set 400 gems
  7. Wintersday Earmuffs 20 gems


Available for 7 days

  1. Bandit Sniper's Outfit 700 gems
  2. Bloody Prince's Outfit 700 gems
  3. Gem Aura Outfit 700 gems
  4. Grenth Regalia Outfit 700 gems
  5. Maid Outfit 700 gems
  6. Traveler's Outfit 700 gems
  7. Witch's Outfit 700 gems


Hello, please bring back when is possible, the raptor and skyscale plush skins, with limited time discount price too:

1. Plush raptort skin

2. Plush skyscale skin

Already bought Vulpine. Thank you.

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It's been a LONG time since there were new mail carriers, so a suggestion: The Nayos Mail Carrier.  A small rift opens next to you and a tentacle reaches out and drops a parcel, possibly slime covered, next to you.  Then the tentacle retracts into the rift and disappears.

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We badly need more ice themed backpieces.

Icebrood Saga came around and brought exactly 1 ice themed backpiece. It's the Ice Reaver Cape that you have to buy in the gemstore. The only other ice themed backpiece in the game, and the only ice themed backpice you can get without gems is the Icebrood Horns backpiece from all the way back in LWS3.

Let's contrast that with the number of fire themed backpieces, shall we?
Warbringer, Wyrm's Breath Cape, Vermilion Wings, Fire Breathing Quiver, Fire Quiver Backpack, Elemental Fury Backpack, Shrine Guardian Backpack, Volcanic Backpack, Devil Rending Cape, Seraph Wings Backpack, Lava Skull Backpack, Sabetha's Scorcher, Flame Legion Backpack, Hellfire Backguard, Fires of Balthazar, Mad Memories (Complete Edition)...
I mean... If we had a Primordus expansion it would be even more lopsided. What does Arenanet have against ice themed backpieces?
Give me a hunk of iron with icicles on it, a quaggan/skritt frozen in an ice block, give me ice wings that radiate cold foggy chill particles, a snowy branch backpiece etc... there's tons of possibilities. Why do we have to be boring when we're fashioning an ice themed charater? Even if it's gemstore only, please do SOMETHING.
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I'd personally like to see the Trickster's and Profane light armor skin sets come back; according to their wiki page they haven't been listed since 2022. Some of their pieces would be absolutely perfect for a character I'm making!

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