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How to enable watch list?

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Seems like i accidentally must have pressed something to disable it. In the main UI the top right corner where the festival info, green info for story missions (none for me I have no active story step atm) and the wizard's vault or watch list appears. Only the festival info atm. In the achievements panel 5 achievements are set on the watch list. Everything in the wizard's vault is disabled (nothing put on watch there).

But it is disabled. Not sure if there is a keybind or a menu option? Or maybe it is a bug? I found a thread (only OP posted, no replies ... from recently after SotO release) where someone mentioned the UI completely disappearing there and he had to put 1 item from the daily on watch then remove it ... to make the watch list appear again. (Have no unfinished dailies anymore atm. Could try tomorroe if it does not appear automatically anymore. Adding a special tab task and removing it did not work. It appears normally showing the Wizard's Vault watch list but when removing it the watch list disappears completely not showing the normal one for normal achievements.)

Edit: Today it fixed itself. After the reset it seems it has shown me the full list of Wizard's vault dailies. (Thougn none were selected. The Login one as 100 completed set. I enabled one and disabled it and the normal achievment tab was back. Going to post in the bug section. Found the other thread.)
This was the bug thread I found:


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