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*Moonlight Dreamers [MoD]* [EU][PVE][Discord][Casual]

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Are you new? need some friends? a place to call home? The come join *Moonlight Dreamers [MoD]*, We are a highly active (Around 90 members online during the day we are the most active EU guild you will find) Guild with over 200+ members. We do all endgame content like Raids, Fractuals, Strikes & Open world and much more. We also have a very well maintained and organised discord that is very helpful with useful links guides and a trading section.

We always have people hanging out in our discord voice at all hours just having fun a laugh and making friends while we all just do our own thing in the game.

Our guild is very friendly to new players we have training strikes, fractuals & raids that you can attend weekly as well as pvp training if your into that.

Everyone is welcome to join no matter what your background or how new to the game you are your all welcome.

To join just send a mail or whisper to me in game called Athena Earendil and i will try to invite you as soon as i can.

Have a fun time gaming hope to see you in our growing guild :)

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