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I love this game

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I just thought about the game again and I remembered how much I love the lore and world building. 
Also I've been living with depression since 2011 and this game has eased my pain in a way. This whole world in the game reminds me of the stuff I came up with years ago and my own ideas for games and films back then. 
Thank you Arenanet for this game that has helped me and inspired me. 

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With all the constant complaints, I miss topics where the great things are also listed, not only the errors and changes and disimprovement.

What delighted me lately is actually a really small change: In the trading post you can now click that only locked items are shown. :classic_happy: I think that's so great, I tried it on all categories and was very surprised how many blue and green weapons and armor I was still missing and I've been playing again for 3-4 years. In my other accounts I find this totally useful with colors and have spent some good gold on them lately.

Things I never get tired of and still fascinate me even after years: The Raptor (still the best and sweetest) and various landscapes in different times of day.
I sometimes just stand there, turn off the UI, and enjoy the view.

Or the conversations of some NPCs. I linger with them and listen to everything.

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Hope You already did and I write this in vain, but if You really have depression and all other mental issues You mentioned in Your blog, than as much as game can help You escape Your problems temproraly, it is not a solution. You should look for professional help, a doctor and/or a psychotherapist.

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On 10/29/2023 at 12:05 AM, Cynder.2509 said:

I've been living with depression since 2011 and this game has eased my pain in a way

the same thing happened to me long ago. Online gaming actually helped me with that, but the last time I started having a depressive episode (around the time I got hooked with GW1), I simply thought, 'Forget it, I have no reason to feel like this,' and that was the end of it.

depression is essentially a chemical imbalance in your brain, kind of like a glitch. So, no matter how tough things get, we really have no reason to experience the effects of depression, as it doesn't solve anything.

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