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Stuck in EOD - Weight of the World; Reach Joon

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I'm not the smartest player in the game but would love to get beyond EOD and into SOTO (it's purchased and waiting to be played). But I'm stuck in "Weigh of the World - Reach Joon" story piece. I've tried it and fail over and over. I run out of charges in the first or second room.

Last time I tried it, I remember watching a video, and it took a good player 45 minutes to get through it. I think it's a one person only instance; so I can't have others come in to help. Is this true? There must be a way to get through it because it seems like everyone is in SOTO. What am I missing?

If I can't get through this, can I get a refund for SOTO?

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3 hours ago, PinkAttitude.4967 said:

How does he do things with his Jade Bot when there are no charges left? I can have a max of 4 Jade Bot Charges, and when those are gone, I can't do more. So if the charges are different, it seems like he must have begun with many of his regular charges

You are supposed to remove charges and reapply them at a different fuse.

Im essence the surrounding rooms are linim puuzles which yield a net increase in charges after yoi are done with them. This might require a bit of shuffling charges around though. 

Pay attention to when and where in the video charges are being added and removed.

Not all action require a charge though. Also no, you don't start with charges. The chargers used in this story are unrelated to jade bot charges outside of the story.

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Thank you all!

I have good news and bad news and good news. The first good news is I did all of the puzzles successfully with all of your help! The bad news is the final dungeon glitched and I couldn't get beyond the first room. The mechs didn't show up,  so I couldn't overload the system. But the second good news is that I know I can get here again!  Hooray!

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