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rift loot chests bugged? [Merged]

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1 hour ago, Luky.9578 said:

I am not getting any loot chest with essences after completing rifts on some maps

Have you already finished the weeklies of that maps, as the chests that contain essences are from the achievments? 

If no, can you list the maps, so others can see, if they are affected too and maybe and it would also make it easier to find the bug?

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I get weekly reward but no loot chest with essences most time, looks like I get the loot chest after kill two bosses on the map, then it stops and more rift bosses not giving me anything, only xp and karma for event completion, it sems I have this problem on all maps except SOTO maps, there I get loot chests after rift bosses all the time

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Same thing happened to me in Sparkfly. I did 7 t3 rifts before noticing they stopped giving me the chests after the first 2, lol.

Additionally, those two that did work didn't even progress the Wizard's Vault objective for doing 15 t3 rifts. Very functional game, glad a core feature of the latest expansion is already bugging out.

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