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Celestial Infusion Chest - Why Only Red?

Day Trooper.3605

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So I just finished getting the requisite 90 unstable cosmic essences needed to purchase a celestial infusion chest, the description of which simply reads:

"Double-click to choose a celestial infusion".

The problem is, only the red infusion is available - why is the blue one also not available?

The fact that the red infusion is available both as a drop or via 90 cosmics, while the blue is only available via drop, seems strange.

Also, the red infusions are account-bound while the blues are not - again, why?

Would be nice if ANet could comment on whether or not this might change down the road.

And if not, then at the very least the description of the chest should be updated to '...choose a red celestial infusion.'

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@Cynn.1659 said:Grab a teal poly, and it makes it blue, but i prefer orange poly, since it makes it proper red looking, instead of purple.

Thanks for the tip! Yes the red one indeed looks purple, and so being able to change the color like this is really good to know.

Quick question, are you referring to the poly-undulating refractor or infusion? (I've never used a poly).

And is there any way to preview what the new celestial infusion color will look like before buying the poly(s)?

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