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Kryptis essence farm only in SOTO maps?

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for some reason kryptis rifts outside soto maps gives me reward with essences only twice, then it stops and I am no longer receiving bouncy chest wit essences after rift boss kill, is this because we are forced to farm essences only in soto maps or am I doing something wrong or is it bugged or its only my account bugged? no idea, I asked ppl in maps, some said they have no problem and they get essences every timw, some says they too havent received essences after boss killed, I am confused

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They are few option to have rewards with rifts

First you can get the weekly chest x6 per map listed in the wiki , so that makes 30 chest , once you have done 5 rift (the last one reward you 2 chest) in a precise weekly map you'll get no more weekly chest, either look what map is weekly and go on, or wait till weekly reset (two map from soto are always weekly).

Second , do you use Kryptis motivation boxes ? those boxes can be crafted and if used they do two things:

-They set up the lvl of rift you want to hunt.

-If used while boss is spawning or while he is alive they increase the loot (thats another bouncing chest) of kryptis essence, the box used will be consumed and need to be used on a rift of the same level as the box , you can hunt rifts lvl 2 or 3 with a  group , as for opening rift tier 2 and 3 you only need one person consuming his correspondant boxes , but you will get less loot.

Maybe you just run out of boxes, have already done the weekly on all the maps or are just on a non weekly map?

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