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WvW, badgers, rewards tips


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Question about badgers of honor: How do i get them fast? Are there in any of reward track? I could join succesful zerg run. Also i can scan maps, and look for exposed sentries or supply camp (without walls but with commnader guard). Or is there some other way?

There are also weekly achievments, but different form wizard achievments, in hero panel there is another set. And it gives some badgers.

Reward tracks, which one is generic good? Getting warclaw is good start but beside that?

I am looking mostly for invader armour pieces to fix my gear, so stat selectable armours or trinkets or weapons are good goal. Is there a path which offers more weapon, armour, trinkets of stat selectable?

There are dungeons path, but i have dungeons unlocked, so nothing there new for me.

There is Triumphant and Legacy, which offer stat select armour at the end which is nice. But maybe there is something better.

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Your best bet is to join a PPT commander since taking camps, towers and keeps nets you badges. Loot bags (from killing players) also contain badges, but that requires actually getting credit for kills. And doors don't hit back.

You absolutely need a warclaw, so stack boosts and get it done. Mobility is king in WvW.

Skirmish chests can be used for badges, not the most efficient option, but it's there. You get those on any skirmish track.

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21 hours ago, evilcat.6817 said:

Question about badgers of honor

I would like a badger of honor. I bet he would be smartly dressed and polite, and offer me a cup of tea.


Badges of honor are got through playing wvw, you'll get lots in due time.  Join a zerg group and make sure you have some AoE skills,

Rewards chest and other things give them so play and level up. The more you play the more you earn.

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3 hours ago, Junkpile.7439 said:

No idea why you need badges. I have little bit over 191k badges. Haven't find any use. 🥸

This is what happens when Anet finally fixes up the WvW gear vendor.  Now it's the only vendor in game where you can get exotic level 80 stat-selectable aquabreather any time.  Great way to draw in new players who don't have stacks of skirmish chests.

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