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Is Chrono going to replace Firebrand in WvW?


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Several effects may overlap one another, still firebrand's are more practical to make use of. I only have little experience of WvW so I'd be curious to learn how do you see them entering such competition that one spec would outshine the other, when they can work together in synergy?

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2 hours ago, PrinceValentine.9320 said:

Are you guys happy for the attention that Mesmer is getting from the balance team? 

Not until they revert the Mantra and Staff nerfs, give us a 2H cleave melee weapon and give us more sustain baked into our DPS builds.

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I am indeed thinking that after the update, it can be possible that Chrono might be possible to replace Firebrand as the stability support. It's hard to really tell without testing, but it might be worth to try.

For the sake of discussions, I am throwing up a quick draft: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAw63lVwcYUMLWJOuWttWA-z1IY1ol/M6WBkzUQjHiwsFeAA-w
* May consider using Focus with Warden's Feedback for pulling and more reflections. Losing staff isn't a big deal, I am just thinking that Chaos Storm and the new Chaos Armor might be useful. This might not play well with Tempest in the same party though.
* Mantra of Resolve can be used for more condition cleanse. Or maybe Mantra of Pain for mights? Or Well of Action? From my experience it's almost impossible to enjoy the last pulse though, everyone is constantly moving after all.
* Of course no boon strips at all in this fully defensive support build. Maybe Null Field can be counted as one, but it's nerfed once again (sigh)

We can even consider core Mesmer, because having Illusion trait line can be useful to let us shatter more and Shatter Storm can give us 6 mights quickly. With Tides of Time and potentially also Well of Action, that's like 16 mights Empower at the beginning of fights: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAw6ZlZw+YgML2Je0TerSA-DWJYjRHfZUdKkeFo7JAAA-w
* No more Gravity Well, but Time Warp isn't so bad now. No Continuum Split to double it, but that's what we need to sacrifice for reduced cooldown for Shatters.

If Rifle can be a support weapon, it might be able to push Mesmer to be a real defensive support. Looking forward to close range healing shotgun.

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