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Why did Anet remove this?

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5 hours ago, DanAlcedo.3281 said:

I always wonder how Freaking bored someone must be to look up 10y old Gw2 videos about the most random kitten imaginable. Only to complain about it on the forum. 


Well I looked up the video because I thought I was going crazy. I knew this used to be there so I was shocked when I couldn't find it in-game.


And this post took me like 10 seconds to make lol

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4 hours ago, Bias.4306 said:

You used to be able to put a treb up there and hit SMC.

Just so. Ages ago folk would treb from there and most got there using mes teleport, then open portals to the top. 

The whinge was strong about it even back then, and they nerfed the mes telly to prevent people from easily getting up there and elsewhere. Guess they final hit f-it and altered it sufficiently to prevent any access. 

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If Anet move Ogrewatch because of gliding, they should relocate veloka, aldon and Jerrifer as well. God kitten it, now I have to check if I can glide into Langor from Blue keep, probably not Bravost. 

the relocation of Ogrewatch is a waste of time spent, they should have fix Speldan not getting X while under attack instead.

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